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The Pony Rider Boys In Alaska, Hardcover

The Pony Rider Boys In Alaska, Hardcover

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The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska Or, The Gold Diggers of Taku Pass

By Frank Gee Patchin. Illustrated throughout the chapters. 


The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska... by Frank Gee Patchin, another exciting story about the boy's adventure in the Gold Country. They were off to Alaska on a Steamer when Tad became aware of some strange men. He inquired about their purpose and was told a strange tale that happened in the far past of a doctor namedf Dawson that was captured by the Indians. His work saved the Indian Chief and he was rewarded by the Chief who showed him a very rich place filled with gold. When he escaped with as much gold as he could carry, the ordeal lead to his early death. You will want to read it to the end to see what kind of twists and turns this story throws your way!

This book has no marking in it and the spine and pages are very tight.


The Saalfield Publishing Company

Akron, OH 1924


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