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Hazel Atlas Pink Criss Cross vase

Hazel Atlas Pink Criss Cross vase

SKU: 2760

This vase is so pretty!! It is vintage pink glass with a basket weave pattern known as Hazel Atlas 'Crisscross'. Hazel Atlas manufactured glassware in a wide variety of patterns, and this one is a favorite among collectors.

This vase has lovely facets created by the crossing raised horizontal and vertical lines in the glass. It has a trumpet style shape, flaring slightly towards the top. It measures 6-3/4" tall x 5-1/2" at the rim, with a 3-1/4" base diameter. It would be a lovely addition to any table setting filled with cut flowers.

This vase is in perfect condition showing no wear, and no chips or cracks. It is quite simply - beautiful!

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